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Ahla Wa Sahla
Welcome to Jordan, and this series of pages showing some of the interesting features of this country. If you are new to this site, I hope you enjoy its many features, obtainable from the menu above.
Clicking on The Holy Land will bring you to a map, where you can choose your destination: hold the mouse over each letter to find out where it will take you! The next two items - Biblical Sites and Historic Jordan - take you to the same locations, but the links are a bit more descriptive.
Walks in Jordan lists walks which I have worked out, mostly to the West of Amman, which is easily accessible by bus routes. These walks come complete with map (hopefully sufficient for you to work out your route) and pictures.
The E-News page was really the prime motivation for building this web site, as a place where subscribers to the Middle East e-Newsletter could download back issues. This 4-page newsletter has been issued twice monthly since 2003, to provide a background to the complexities found in Middle Eastern cultures and history. Some of the resources refered to in issues of E-News are to be found in Documents.
Regular visitors to these pages will note a new feature: the book recommendations. These are almost all books that I have read and personally recommend. One or two I have not yet read, but intend to do so as soon as my time (and pocket) allow. benefits from purchases made through these links.

And, if you have not been there yet, visit our companion site, and explore Tunisia.