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Matmata Louage Station La Gare: Trains north to Sfax through to Tunis (5 a day, 3 between midnight & 6am!) Buses take passengers from Tunis on to Medenine. Click for Train Schedule. Taxis: I think these are shared taxis, with set destinations. It's a good place to ask for a ride to where you want to go, though. Located next to the main mosque (which still looks unfinished). Louage Station: minibus routes to other cities (Sfax, Medenine, Kebili, Hamma, Ben Guerdane, etc.).  For rides to the smaller towns, expect to have to wait  while they fill.- or pay for the remaining seats. AVIS: Located close to the Post Office and Gabes Center. ANIS: Located across the road, east of the Railway Station. 50TD per day for a Fiat Uno. (Nov.7,06) RELAX: Located east of the Railway Station, at the same side of the road.