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Tunis to Gabes by SNCFT

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Tunis (9:05) - Sousse (11:00) - - Sousse (12:25) - Sfax (14:13) - - Sfax (16:28) - Gabes (18:30)

Calling at: Bir Bouregba (for Hammamet and Nabeul), Sousse, El Jem, Sfax, Mahares and Skhira.
(Note for passengers: This train journey uses animated maps and pictures. For security your browser (Internet Explorer) may ask you to click on a yellow bar above this page. Doing so, and clicking 'Allow Blocked Content' will enable the animations to work.)
The journey will repeat indefinitely - at no extra charge! Depending upon your internet connection speed, the images may not be completely loaded the first time through. To ensure the map & pictures are synchronized, when both have loaded, click Refresh to restart the sequence. (Please be patient: of necessity these files are larger than usual.)