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Sfax Medina see Downtown Sfax see Downtown Sfax Monoprix Express: ground floor groceries (no fresh fruit/veg/meat) with lots of choice; upstairs clothing, household & toys. Wine/Beer outlet to right of main entrance. Juste Prix: 1km outside the canal loop on 'Triiq Al Ain'. Variety store, but I have not yet tried it. Promogro: Opened in July 2007, with a large expanse of foods & non-foods. Just north of the canal loop at Rue Menzel Chaker, km3. Trois Chemins: less hardware than other T-C stores, but a good variety of foods (not fresh). Is by the corner of the canal loop on Rue Menzel Chaker Route X: Have not been there yet Champions: at the NW corner of the intersection of Teniour with Khassas numero Khamsa. Seems new, with hardware and foods. Trois Chemins: On Ave. Teniour, N of intersection with Rte. Tunis. One floor of foods and non-foods. Good selection of both, but excellent source for household items, electronics, etc. Ariana Center: A supermarket is located on the ground floor of this office center. Monoprix: larger than M-Express, though not so tidy. More choice of foodstuffs and non-foods (upstairs) over a larger area. Part of the Sfax 2000 complex, across the traffic circle from the NE corner of the Medina. Sorimex: Large supermarket east of Sfax 2000, past the road from the station. Zeitouna: large store of foods & non-foods. Busy, with more items than Monoprix, but not so tidy. Near Bab Kasbah. Super Marche: on Gremda, south of Khassas numero Khamsa. Bon Prix: Friendly store, on SW side of Al Ain, at about Km 5. Mostly foods, with some choice, and school/stationery items. Will weigh out the butter for you.