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Monoprix Express: ground floor groceries (no fresh fruit/veg/meat) with lots of choice; upstairs clothing, household & toys. Wine/Beer outlet to right of main entrance. Zeitouna: large store of foods & non-foods. Busy, with more items than Monoprix, but not so tidy. Near Bab Kasbah. Trois Chemins: At beginning of Route Teniour, N of intersection with Rte. Tunis. One floor of foods and non-foods. Good selection of both, but excellent source for household items, electronics, etc. Monoprix: larger than M-Express, though not so tidy. More choice of foodstuffs and non-foods (upstairs) over a larger area. Part of the Sfax 2000 complex, across the traffic circle from the NE corner of the Medina. Sorimex: In the ground floor of a large warehouse-type building about 200m east of Sfax 2000. Trois Chemins: less hardware than other T-C stores, but a good variety of foods (not fresh). Is by the corner of the canal loop on Rue Menzel Chaker Trois Chemins: In Sidi Mansour, on the main road (bus route 3, taxi from Sfax 2000). One large floor of foods and non-foods. Good selection of both, including fresh fruit & veg outside the exit, and excellent source for household items, electronics, etc. Juste Prix: 1km outside the canal loop on 'Triiq Al Ain'. Variety store, with foods & hardware, inc. good selection of kitchen electrical Promogro: Opened in July, 2007. A large expanse of foods & non-foods, with some additional hardware & toys upstairs. A large store with plenty of parking. Located just outside the 'Ceinture' (canal loop) on Menzel Shaker. Primo Shop: opposite pharmacy a little south of km 5. Bon Prix: Friendly store, on SW side of Al Ain, at about Km 5. Mostly foods, with some choice, and school/stationery items. Will weigh out the butter for you. Sorimex: single floor building - seems to be bulk items. Sorimex: new (in April 2007) large building about 1/2km from Rte. Gabes. Route X: One floor of non-foods (mostly gift & household ornaments) & foods (in rear). Not a large store but convenient for basics. Souk Al Jama (Friday Market): Situated at Km 5 on the Gabes road, on the south side of the long bridge. It is primarily locally made furniture, mostly new but some used, but not all top quality. Other items are also on display - hardware, some fresh vegetables - in the rear. Prices are reaonable, and you can bargain. NOTE: There is a fee on leaving, a tax, I think, which the buyer pays. We owed 30TD on a purchase of 400 TD.