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Grand Market: Older building with courtyard & tower (looks like a mosque). Has fruit stands, etc., and is said to have a pork butcher in the NW corner. Zeitouna: Large building south of Bab Kasbah, near the technical college. It has a large selection of foods for local diets, and some hardware also. Monoprix Express: These stores are compact with a selection of most things you'd want, but not the breadth of choice of the larger Monoprix stores. It is clean, and the staff are friendly, with an alcohol outlet adjacent to the store. Located at 'Sfax Center.' Monoprix: Located adjacent to Sfax 2000, this is a large store, food & hardware on the ground floor and a second floor of non-foods (clothes, toiletries). Sorimex: Located in Zeitouna district, about 200m east of the Monoprix and Sfax 2000.