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Walks in Jordan

Wadi Shuayb
Wadi Shuayb descends to the Jordan valley opposite Jericho, from the plateau north of Amman, through the Ottoman capital of Salt. Since the springs are perennial the valley below Salt is a lush green color year-round.
Interesting walks are possible through the valley, and in the various branches to the south and north.

Roman Road
The Roman Road is an interesting hike down to the Ghor, near the Dead Sea. It is reached from the road between Naur and Madaba, not far from Hisban, and descends along a westerly ridge.

Zubiya Cave
North of Ajlun, in northern Gilead, is some of Jordan's best scenery. To the west of the Irbid road is a village called Zubiya, with a nature reserve of the same name further along the ridge. Between the two can be found a cave rich in stalactites and stalagmites. This web page contains the most accurate map yet, of this unique site.