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Zubiya Cave

How to get there

From the Jerash Roman City visitor's center, drive north, and after about 1km take the left turn (across the median) to Suf. Through Suf (9k), Ibbeen (7k) to a T-junction (2k) where you turn right. After 7k there is a sign indicating Zubiya to the left. Take this road.

Left fork (3k) where the village of Zubiya is straight ahead. Ignore a sign for Zubiya to right, taking the right fork soon after the gas station (4k) going past a small road off to the right. This road mounts the ridge, and you come to a series of large limestone walls on the right (3k). As the road begins to descend, between the 3rd and 4th of these walls there is an area suitable for parking.

Finding the cave

Having parked off the road a few meters, there is a walk of about 200m to the cave.

Exploring the cave

Beneath a small exposure of limestone is the cave entrance.

Click on the map below for photos of the various locations. Or click here for pictures taken in the cave system.

Sentinel Bats Philip in a hole Peter's cliff Stalagmite Stalagmite Bottom of well Cavern roof Chambers Bats Stalactites Passage Chandelier Wedding Cake Wedding Cake Two families