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Umm Qays / Gadara

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Umm Qays - Museum
Trough in Umm Qays Museum Heavy basalt door Umm Qays Museum
Umm Qays - Theatres
Arab girls in the West Theatre West theatre view
Umm Qays - Churches
The Octagonal Church view Corinthian Pillar near the Octagonal Church The New Octagonal Church New Octagonal Church-Excavations
The Yarmouk
View along the Yarmouk, Galilee in background The Golan and the Yarmouk below Umm Qays Destroyed bridge below Umm Qays Crocodile ponds on a meander in occupied Syria Looking down at the crocodile ponds from Umm Qays
The Border
Border post along the road below Umm Qays Looking across at the Golan View over Lake Tiberias (Galilee) View over Lake Tiberias (Galilee)