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Click here for pictures of the area, or take a tour using the map

A-Djinn Blocks on the approach trail B-Obelisk Tomb C-Horses wait near the Siq Entrance D-Madrasa E-Siq. Clay pipes collected water. F-Siq. Camel train. Rock monument in the Siq G-Khazneh, from newly excavated tomb G-Camel outside the 'treasury' G-Bedouin police at the 'treasury' Tony & Cheri Blair at the Treasury, (Jan 2004) Tony & Cheri Blair near the Theater H-Seven tombs (& W.C.!) I-Street of Facades I-View from the Theatre I-Archway entrance to the Roman Theatre I-The Roman Theatre I-View downstream from the Roman Theater J-Princess Tomb K-Nymphaeum K-Looking up the trail, from the Nymphaeum L-Roman Street, looking east L-Roman Street, looking west L-Roman Street, looking towards Qasr Al Bint L-Roman Street, looking towards Qasr Al Bint M-Great Temple, looking south M-Great Temple, looking south-east M-Great Temple, basement level N-Qasr Al Bint O-Cliff Museum P-Lion Temple Q-New Church - baptistry Q-New Church, south aisle mosaic Q-New Church, altar plinth Q-New Church, the cistern R-Museum & Restaurant R-Donkeys wait for attention near the Museum S-Ad Deir (Monastery) S-View of Aaron's tomb, from Ad Deir S-Close-up of Aaron's tomb, from Ad Deir S-Ad Deir (Monastery) S-Ad Deir (Monastery) S-Descent from the Monastery S-Descent from the Monastery S-Walking between canyon walls on the Monastery trail S-Passing a Bedouin woman collecting wood for fuel T-Conway Tower, walls of ancient Petra U-Tombs: Princess, Urn, Corinthian, Palace, Sextus Florintinus' V-Tunnel W-Crusader Fort at the High Place of Sacrifice X-Lion carving on the steep descent Y-Tomb with adjacent cistern Y-Square cistern