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Wadi Shuayb - F (Wadi Azraq)

Due to the steepness of the slope, the remaining fragment of the aqueduct projects very little from the hillside. For this reason, and that it is obscured by a tree, it is difficult to spot (though the inaccessibility of the site is the major reason few people will have seen this!)

1. Trough in Umm Qays Museum 2. Trough in Umm Qays Museum 3. A USAID project pumping station

1. The head of the aqueduct hidden behind a tree, at the south/west side of Wadi Azraq. Ein Azraq (the Azraq spring) is marked on the map near this location, but is dry now.
2. Perhaps more photogenic, the cactus helps, but hardly more revealing.
3. Upstream from this point is a USAID funded pumping station, providing water to the Salt area.