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Wadi Shu'eib/Azraq Mill Complex

This mill complex is really two mills, with about 50m separating the two drop holes. Between the two sections is evidence of ruined mill buildings, as well as the canal for the lower mill (southern) which runs below them.

1. Mill wheel in location 2. Close-up of mill wheel 3. The mill aqueduct 4. View of the mill from below
(1) The room housing the millwheel. The wheel can be seen in this picture.
(2) The mill wheel. This picture was taken in 2001. Today the wheel lies in two pieces outside the window of this room, which was damaged in the attempt to remove it. (This may not have been the original location of the wheel. There is another room below, though this could have housed a water wheel and the gear mechanism.)
(3)The gently curving aqueduct. Its canal would have been destroyed during the construction of the modern pumping station adjacent to the mill.
(4) View from below. It can be seen that the buildings adjacent to the aqueduct are not tied to it, but butt on to it. This would explain why other mills have the aqueduct undamaged, when there is no evidence of other buildings. The wheel house could have been demolished without affecting the aqueduct or chute.

5. Two-hole drop in the south building
(5) The southern section of the mill obtains its water from a channel which curves around the slope from below the northern aqueduct. It has two drop chutes, with the milling building being a large, L-shaped structure. The roof has fallen in on both arems of the building, hiding any wheels or structures below.

View from above
6. Two-hole drop in the south building
(6) View from above. In this picture the modern pumping station can be seen, along with the northern section of the mill complex and some of the associated ruined buildings.