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Wadi Hisban Mills - A

Until April, 2004, I had only found one mill ruin in this wadi, and only one picture of it. A drive down the wadi one pleasant Friday morning uncovered a few more, amongst all the picnickers!
Wadi Hisban spring emerges from the limestone cliff in a few places along the wadi. The first mill is about 150m below the spring, close to where another wadi joins it. A millstone can still be seen in the chamber below the remaining tower. The aqueduct itself is damaged - photos show the simple construction typical of these mills. A modern irrigation ditch still follows the line of the original mill channel.

At the road junction it is easy to miss another mill remnant. The aqueduct wall is so overgrown and worn that it looks like a small cliff. Looking at the end of it, however, reveals the inner wall of the duct down which the water fell to power the mill. The angled bottom of the duct indicates how the water was directed into the milling building. The building obviously (but not visibly) stood where the road now now passes.

Ruin from the road Ruin from the road Ruin from the road Ruin from the road Ruin from the road Exposed chute at road junction