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Family Pictures

Family pictures from seven years in Jordan. Lots of work, some play, and pictures of both.

Petra, Feb. 2004
Kathy feeding a donkey in Petra

Darat al Funun
Nathan, Darat Al Funun
May, 2004. One of Nathan's Graduation pictures, taken at Darat Al Funun.

Aqaba 2002
Aqaba 2002
Aqaba was always an enjoyable place for a break. Beach, snorkelling, some ruins.

Philip in the Theater, Petra.
Philip sitting in the Theater, Petra in January, 2004, during Mum's visit.

Wadi Seir
Kathy on the Wadi Seir mill
Kathy standing beside the chute on the roof of the mill below Wadi Seir village.

Mount Nebo
Nathan, Darat Al Funun
Peter & Kathy below the museum on Mount Nebo, looking at the hills of Israel.

Wadi Rum
Three of us at Wadi Rum
Peter, Kathy & Nathan in Wadi Rum, Feb. 2004, when Dad visited.

Dad at Petra
Kathy taking Dad's photo with the Bedouin police on the Khazneh porch.

2004 Concert
Peter playing Tuba
At concert of music from the movies, a Mexican blanket was appropriate!

Hejaz Railway
Peter at a switch (you get the point?)
Peter, beside a switch on the Hejaz Railway.

Wadi Rum, 2004
Nathan and column
Nathan, with his own column, in Wadi Rum.