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Biblical Sites

Clickable maps allow you to wander around the sites, viewing photographs of various locations.

Jerusalem is a significant city for the three monotheistic religions, making it a fantastic blend of culture and architecture. Use this map to view the walls, gates, churches and other historic sites.

Old Testament Peniel (also Penuel) is mapped and illustrated on this page. Observe the site where Jacob wrestled with God, the settlement where Gideon destroyed the tower, and which Jeroboam II strengthened during his lifetime.

Baptism Site
In recent years the minefield that was the baptism site of Jesus has been cleared. Excavations continue to discover Byzantine churches, mosaics and various baptism pools. Tel Mar Elias is close by, and also includes a monastery, cisterns, a cave and various mosaics.

Amman Citadel
The citadel in Amman has artifacts from Ammonite, Roman, Byzantine, Ummayad and Ottoman times. It is mentioned in 2 Sam. 12:26, and is the location where Uriah was killed, at King David's command.

Umm Qays / Gadara
The Biblical Gadara is now known as Umm Qays. Sitting on the high point of a ridge in the northwest corner of Jordan it has an excellent view of Lake Tiberias (the Sea of Galilee) and the Golan.